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Googleholic for May 16, 2008

Welcome to Googleholic, your bi-weekly fix of everything Google! In this edition:

  • A Googlepedia for web developers
  • App Engine launcher for Mac OS X
  • YouTube Insight now offers viewer demographics
  • Laser Google logo
  • The Rolling Stones respond to YouTubers questions

A Googlepedia for web developers

Google has just launched Google Doctype, an open encyclopedia of the open web, that is, the web built on open standards like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Anyone with a Google account can edit or contribute information to the project. Think of this like Wikipedia for web developers, but focussed entirely on open web standards. Google is also aiming to keep this database up-to-date and with repeatable browser compatibility tests.

In the spirit of openness, all content and code is openly licensed under GPL or Creative Commons, so the whole encyclopedia can be downloaded, published or repackaged. It's still in the early stages of development, but take a look at Doctype here and start learning or contributing to what has the potential to be an excellent open web resource.

[via: Google System Blog]

App Engine launcher for Mac OS X

John Grabowski from the Google Mac Team has just released a great new tool for Google App Engine Mac developers. The Google App Engine Launcher is a native Mac application built to make developing and deploying App Engine projects easier than ever. The App Engine SDK is embedded in the launcher (and will be delivered through the launcher from now on), has a drag and drop interface and finished applications can be deployed to Google in a single click.

If you develop for App Engine and you are on a Mac, you can download the engine here.

[via: Official Google Mac Blog]

YouTube's Insight now offers viewer demographics

In March, YouTube introduced Insight as an analytics tool to track how many people watch your YouTube videos and at what times. Now, YouTube has added demographic information to Insight. View counts sorted by age group and gender and now available (using the anonymous information users share when signing up for a YouTube account). YouTube has also added the ability to see statistics for combined total views for all of your videos and those statistics can be compared with other users in your same geographic region.

To access Insight, click on the button under Account->My Videos in YouTube.

[via: Official Google Blog]

Laser Google logo

Google has had some pretty cool special-occasion Google logos in the past, but today's logo, commemorating the first demonstration of the laser in 1960 is one of the coolest we have seen in quite some time.

[via: Google Blogoscoped]

The Rolling Stones respond to YouTubers questions

Last month YouTube launched their Living Legend series, featuring the Rolling Stones. Fans were asked to submit video questions via YouTube for the Stones to answer, and now those answers are starting to appear on the site. Check out the Living Legends YouTube channel for the questions and the Stones responses.

[via: Official YouTube Blog]

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