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Splashtop Linux interface coming soon to every Asus motherboard


Want an instant-on PC? Good luck with that. But just because it takes 2 minutes to boot up your desktop doesn't mean that you can't start surfing the web within a few seconds of hitting the power button. Last year Asus began adding the Splashtop embedded Linux operating system to some of its high end motherboards. The OS boots almost instantly, and lets you access a handful of applications like Firefox and Skype without waiting for Windows, Ubuntu, or another full desktop environment to load.

Now DeviceVM, the company behind Splashtop, says Asus has committed to adding the software to every Asus motherboard, which means the company will be putting out 1 million motherboards a month with the Splashtop interface. The companies won't be going all out right away. But Asus has already brought its number of motherboard models with Splashtop up to 12 by adding the software to its new P5Q line.

[via Engadget and Geek]

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