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NewsGator releases FeedDemon 2.7: Desktop RSS reader

FeedDemon 2.7

NewsGator has released an updated version of FeedDemon, the company's desktop RSS reader for Windows. FeedDemon 2.7 features a ton of bug fixes, a handful of new features, and best of all, it's still free. NewsGator used to charge for its desktop reader, but starting with FeedDemon 2.6 and NetNewsWire 3.1 for Mac the company started offering desktop clients for free.

Here are just a few of the changes in FeedDemon 2.7:

  • Quicker navigation of the subscription tree
  • Subscribe to multiple feeds at once from the "find feeds" menu
  • Copy a multi-line URL into the address bar and it will be shortened to one line
  • Support for multiple enclosures in a single post

Note that the FeedDemon home page still says the latest version is 2.6. But if you click the download link you should get FeedDemon 2.7.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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