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Never miss a new TV episode with mytvrss


Do you live in constant fear that you're going to miss a new episode of CSI: Miami because nobody bothered to tell you that tonight's episode wasn't a repeat? You could just stay glued to your TV or keep your nose buried in TV Guide. Or you can just visit mytvrss, pick a few of your favorite shows and receive a note via RSS whenever a new episode is coming up.

The site features dozens of popular television shows. All you have to do is check the boxes next to the ones you want to monitor and mytvrss will create a custom RSS feed for you. Pop that feed into your RSS reader, and it's like having a TV guide that shows you only the programs you're interested in. Each item includes the title of the upcoming episode, but if you want to read an episode summary you'll have to click a link that takes you to TVRage, a site with TV listings, episode summaries, and more.

[via makeuseof]

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