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Windows XP SP3 now available through Windows Update

Windows Update

If you've got Windows XP SP2, you might want to check the good ole Windows Update page today. A week after delaying the launch of Windows XP SP3, Microsoft today released the update through Windows Update. That means even if you don't go out of your way to download it, there's a good chance you'll wind up downloading the service pack in the next few days if your computer is configured to install automatic updates.

The reason Microsoft pushed back the launch for a week was because the company found an incompatibility with its Dynamics Retail Management System. If you're a business owner using that software, Microsoft has added a filter that will keep your system from automatically downloading SP3.

Most of the changes in SP3 are under the hood, meaning you may or may not really notice any changes once SP3 is installed. But along with a few new features like Network Access Protection and Black Hole router detection, the service pack includes pretty much every important security update and hotfix since SP2, so we'd highly recommend installing it. If you want all the gritty details, you can check out Microsoft's overview of all the major updates included in SP3.

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