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Polls Boutique: Free web-based polling service

Polls Boutique

Polls Boutique is a new web service that aims to answer the age-olf question: Is there room in this town for two easy to use online polling services? Because much like PollDaddy, that's exactly what Polls Boutique offers.

But unlike PollDaddy, Polls Boutique makes it easy to add multimedia to your polls. You can add images, audio, or video clips. You can write introductions to your polls and inlcude hyperlinks. And you can share your polls with others either through the Polls Boutique web site, or through a widget that you can embed on any web page. You can view the results of your poll at the Polls Boutique site, complete with some basic demographic info, since anyone who signs up for Polls Boutique needs to give up their location, gender and age. You do not necessarily need to sign up for an account to vote in polls, but you do need an account to create one.

Check out a sample Polls Boutique poll after the jump.

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