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Microsoft bid for Yahoo! enters its silly, childish phase

Yahoo! AnswersOK, this is just getting silly. At this point, Microsoft has made its offer to purchase Yahoo!, been rejected, set a date in the sand, after which Microsoft would try to oust Yahoo!'s board of directors, and then let that date come and go without taking any action. And after all the tough talk, now it looks like Microsoft is finally starting to consider raising its asking price.

The problem is that Microsoft is thinking $32 or $33, which would be a nice boost from its current bid valued at $29.06 a share, while some Yahoo! shareholders are apparently holding out for $35 or more a share.

If this keeps up, we kind of expect Steve Ballmer to start shooting sptiballs at Yahoo! board members and shareholders, pulling their hair, and then threatening to take the kickball home with him so they can't play the game anymore. And then Microsoft will wind up paying $45 a share.

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