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DivXit: The second coming of Stage6?
Almost two months to the day after DivX shut down its marginally popular Stage6 video sharing site, it looks like a third party group plans to resurrect the service. Or at least to clone it.

There's not much information available about yet, other than the fact that the site should launch next week. We're going to go out on a limb and guess that the folks behind the site plan to implement a DivX web video player and set up online conversion tools that let users upload various video types to share on the service.

No word on how DivXit will be able to make a Stage6 clone profitable when DivX was unable to do so. The company shut down Stage6 because it was spending too much time and energy on the bandwidth-heavy site instead of focusing on its core mission of working with hardware manufacturers to deliver DivX-certified devices.

Update: It looks like DivXit has a new name and a new launch date.

[via GHacks]

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