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MythTV FrontEnd for the iPhone

MythTV iPhoneWant to watch TV on your iPhone? Yesterday we would have said the best way to do this is to purchase TV shows from the iTunes store or transfer recordings (or downloads) from your computer to your iPhone the old fashioned way. But now Chris Carey has released a MythTV FrontEnd for the iPhone.

The application lets you browse recorded shows, check out program information, and stream videos from your Linux PC with MythTV BackEnd installed.

While Sling Media is considering developing a version of its SlingPlayer software for the iPhone that will let Slingbox owners stream content from their home TV or PVR to a handset, Carey's MythTV FrontEnd application is the first tool I'm aware of that actually lets you stream recorded TV to an iPhone.

You can check out a video of MythTV for the iPhone after the jump.

[via Automated Home]

Update: Dave Zatz reminds us that Elgato's EyeTV software also supports streaming recorded programs from a Mac to the iPhone.

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