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Ulteo releases Linux desktop; bent on world domination

Ulteo Desktop ScreenshotWhen we last left our favorite evil geniuses at Ulteo, they were diligently plugging away at making applications accessible through a browser. Now, they've taken their plans for global domination one step further with Ulteo Application System Beta 1 (codename "Sirius"). For those of you wondering what exactly an "Application System" is: Think operating system.

Yes, Ulteo's Sirius is a Linux distro designed to integrate nicely with the online applications they provide. For instance, saving a document to a specific folder "auto-syncs" with the Ulteo servers online. It's then accessible from other computers through your Ulteo web account.

Of course, that isn't all of Ulteo's new tricks. Allegedly all upgrades, patches and bugfixes for installed applications will be automatically downloaded and installed on your system. You know, without any human intervention. We'll be the first to admit that it's our all-too-human intervention that mucks up a lot of our software, but not always. Somehow, we're just a little uneasy not knowing exactly what our machine is plotting against us with each new update.

Still, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially for people who use their computers for dedicated office work fewer than twenty-seven hours a day and don't want to bother learning Linux (or Windows, or Mac, for that matter). It'll be nice to see this project unfold and emerge from beta.

Because it is still very beta. Our 64-bit dual processor computer needed the noapic command added to the kernel to boot (which isn't unusual for 32-bit Linux on this box). The first boot, even with the noapic option, pooped out on a filesystem check. The third boot attempt was the charm.

After the very disturbing boot artwork (orange people scare us!), the KDE environment loaded nicely and actually fairly quickly, especially compared to other liveCDs. There was a bit of lag and a truly annoying "Rate this page!" sidebar in Firefox that we couldn't seem to shake, but functionally it seems as though this could be a decent distribution for what would seem to be a large niche market of new-Linux-users-who-don't-care-what-OS-it-is.

Keep an eye on Ulteo. First, it was web apps. Then, operating systems. Isn't that how every empire starts?

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