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WeFi Social WiFi tool goes mobile, without the social

WeFi mobileWeFi is a free utility for Mac or PC laptop users who want an easy to use WiFi connection manager/hotspot finder that also lets you know if your friends are connected to hotspots near you. If you're working at a coffee shop down the street from your friend, WeFi will tell you so that you can seek your friends out or run the other way, depending on how much money you owe them.

We first covered WeFi last year, but the company recently launched a Windows Mobile client. The free software works on Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 phones and PDAs, and is a whole lot simpler to use than the WiFi connection managers that come with most mobile devices.

WeFi for Pocket PC gives you one easy interface for monitoring your signal, and managing your hotspots. The software apparently also "constantly monitors your surroundings" even when you're not connected so that you can connect to a hotspot pretty much instantly when you're ready to go online. We imagine this featue only works if you haven't turned off the WiFi on your device to save battery power.

What WeFi for Pcoket PC lacks are the social features that make the desktop application interesting.

[via My Today Screen]

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