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Download Squad Week in Review

Download Squad logoBeen so busy trying to buy Pope bobble-head dolls on eBay that you've fallen behind on the week's software news? We've got your back. Here are some of our favorite stories from the past week.

Comcast shuts down Dave Winer

Ever wonder if those unlimited bandwidth internet service plans are really unlimited? Tech analyst Dave Winer found out the hard way that there's unlimited, and then there's Comcast. The cable and internet provider cut him off for excessive use. Download Squad's Christina Warren interviewed Winer about his Comcast woes,

Amazon MP3 has little or no effect on iTunes

Amazon's MP3 download store might look like a great alternative to the iTunes store. It has a ton of music, it's well priced, and all the tracks are DRM-free. But it turns out that iTunes is still king. By a long shot. Less than 10% of Amazon MP3 customers are iTunes converts. Choose profit over your country

Say you need some web development done, and you need it done yesterday. For pennies. can help. This ethically dubious company offers a workforce of skilled employees based in the Philippines. And not only do they work for as little as $4 an hour, but if you're not happy with their performance, will fire them for you. No guilty feeling in your gut necessary. You know, except for that one you get when you actually consider using the company in the first place.

Flipping the Linux Switch: OpenSUSE, geeko of many colors

Sure, Ubuntu gets all the love these days when it comes to user-friendly desktop Linux distributions. But OpenSUSE has come a long way in the last few years, and it makes a pretty strong alternative to Ubuntu, or any other Linux distribution out there. This week we took an in-depth look at what makes OpenSUSE tick.

Here are a few more of the week's top stories:

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