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Ramps - Today's Time Waster

Today's time waster is Ramps, which basically revolves around setting up ramps so that they guide a ball into a little bin in a sea of lava. You can adjust the ramp position as well as angle, utilizing ball velocity and bounce to jump gaps between the ramps. A warning if you are looking for a challenge: the game starts out ridiculously easy, and doesn't get difficult until vacuum holes and robotic sharks are introduced, which still isn't a problem since it appears that a score reduction is the only penalty incurred for losing a ball.

But when the day calls for some easy puzzle solving to pass the time, Ramps fills that niche perfectly. There's a definite sense of progression with a lenient learning curve, which ought to fit right with those that don't have the energy to play a game that requires more energy than the work they are putting off. The game's only real downside is that the "physics" and ball dynamics can be irritating, and levels are a bit repetitive. If that is not a deal breaker for you, give it a try, but it's no Incredible Machine.

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