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Microsoft to kill Hotmail Outlook Express support

Outlook Express
If you use Outlook Express to manage your Hotmail account, Microsoft wants you to download Windows Live Mail instead. Come June 30th, Microsoft will be shutting off Hotmail support for Outlook Express because the company is switching the protocol used by Hotmail from DAV to a newer protocol called DeltaSynch.

The move isn't really intended to inconvenience Outlook Express users. It's just that Outlook Express uses outdated protocols. Windows Live Mail is available as a free download, and it supports POP3 and IMAP as well as DeltaSynch. Microsoft says the new protocol does a better job of handling large email inboxes since it allows your email client just to download changes since the last synch instead of grabbing every single header, as DAV does.

While it's possible to add DeltaSynch support to Outlook Express, Microsoft decided it would be easier to push its new email client. Or you could always just access your webmail services like Hotmail through the web interface. Do you still use a desktop email client, and if so which one do you use?

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Which desktop email client do you use?
Outlook945 (22.4%)
Outlook Express1353 (32.0%)
Thunderbird899 (21.3%)
eM Client32 (0.8%)
Spicebird7 (0.2%)
Mac Mail294 (7.0%)
Evolution61 (1.4%)
Other222 (5.3%)
Windows Live Mail411 (9.7%)

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