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The internal Microsoft sales video you wish you hadn't seen

Microsoft Sales Video
We're grown ups, we know there's offensive content to be found on the internet. But there offensive, and then there's offensive. Consider yourself warned: the content of the video referenced in this post is the second kind.

Most large companies do it, and it's never very good. Secreted away in some production studio, they pour ridiculous amounts of money into it, and end up disappointed with the result.

What are we talking about? Internal motivational videos.

It's probably not all that surprising that if ever there was going to be a worst-of-breed internal motivational sales video, it would come from software juggernaut, Microsoft.

If you so dare, click through to treat your eyes to this incredibly bad Bruce Springsteen rip-off, courtesy of Microsoft, and enjoy Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band playing Our Ecosystem Rocks.

Just don't say we didn't warn you.

[Via David Chartier]

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