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Tungle launches still another meeting scheduling tool

There seems to be an explosion of applications designed to help you schedule group meetings. In the last few days we've covered When Is Good, a simple, free web-based solution, and Jiffle, a desktop based application that synchronizes with Outlook and Google Calendar. Today Tungle launched a public beta of a desktop application that looks a lot like Jiffle.

When you install Tungle it will automatically find your contacts and schedule from Microsoft Outlook. When you want to schedule a new meeting you can select times that work for you, choose from your contacts list, and send out an invitation. If the recipients are also Tungle users they will see your availability in their own calendars. If they're not, you can create and share a "Tungle Space," which is a web-based meeting planner. People can then view your suggested times, and choose one and/or leave comments.

Tungle is free while in beta. It's not clear what the pricing will be when the application emerges from beta. In related news, Jiffle was not available for download when we took our first look at it the other day, but you can now download the application from the Jiffle web site.

[via Mobility Site]

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