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Syncplicity gives SugarSync a run for its money

Syncplicity is a new service that lets you synchronize files between two or more computers. The desktop client is extraordinarily easy to setup and configure, and it synchronizes new and changed files pretty much immediately as long as you're connected to the internet. Syncplicity also saves a copy of each file to its server so you can access your files from any computer with a web browser.

So far, it all sounds a lot like SugarSync, right? Well, there are a few differences. Syncplicity is Windows only at the moment (although a Mac client is coming later this year), and has no support for mobile devices. But Syncplicity does have one nifty trick up its sleeve: integration with online services like Google Docs and Facebook. So users can automatically synchronize Office documents or Facebook photos.

Syncplicity is free while in beta, but because the service offers users unlimited online storage, the company will eventually start charging a fee. According to WebWare, we can expect prices to be in the $20/month range.

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