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Googleholic for April 15, 2008

Googleholic for April 15, 2008
Welcome to Googleholic - your bi-weekly fix of everything Google! In this edition:
  • Geotagged YouTube videos on Google Maps
  • Google Earth 4.3 to be released later today, includes Street View
  • Market leader in China within 5 years - Goodbye Baidu?

Geotagged YouTube videos on Google Maps

A new view has been made available in Google Maps, which allows you to enjoy YouTube videos that have been tagged with geographic information. Which is nothing new to users of Google Earth, who have been kicking back and partaking of videos with their map experience for a while now. To access the view in Google Maps, simply add the add-on. And a note for those who want to go ballistic with this: at this point, unfortunately, searching for videos within Maps is not yet possible.

Google Earth 4.3 released, includes Street View

Exciting are the days when things are released, especially when they contain new features. Google Earth 4.3 will be released later today, featuring Street View of Google Maps fame. In addition, switching between earth and sky will be faster, as well as a new real-time sun lighting option among other new trinkets to play with. If you love Google Earth, give it a spin.

Market leader in China within 5 years

Having claimed 26% of the search engine share in China, Google seems to be doing well. But it looks like this is just the beginning. Eric Schmidt feels that Google can be the market leader within five years, and head of all things Google in China, Kai Fu-Lee, says that it is going to be done by focusing on social networking and mobile markets. But is that enough to beat Baidu, the search engine that cares not for copyrights and helps people find free music?

Another snippet of Google news we covered:

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