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File Dropper: Hosts your files up to 5 GB for free

If it turns out that the Internet collapses under the weight of all our uploaded files, we will blame it all on the incredible, and seemingly unstoppable, growth of file upload services like File Dropper.

File Dropper is yet another file upload service that will host your files up to 5 GB. As far as file sharing services go, it couldn't be easier to use:

On the main File Dropper page, you click the upload button, browse to the file you wish to upload, and the file is automatically uploaded to the File Dropper servers. After the upload is complete, you will be taken to a page with a link to send to your friends or co-workers. All they have to do is follow the link and hit the download button, and the file is theirs.

As a free service, File Dropper meets the basic needs of file sharing: upload, share, and download. If you want more enhanced features, such as the ability to protect your files with a password, or the inclusion of a handy file manager, you'll have to pony up the dough, with plans starting at $0.99 a month.

When File Dropper first saw the light of day a few weeks ago, its Achilles heel was quickly discovered: the uploads and downloads were terminally slow. Some time has passed since its initial release, so we figured that we'd test it out again:

Uploading a file was extremely fast: we uploaded a 5 MB file in less than 20 seconds. Download the file, however, was another story: that same 5 MB file took 90 seconds to download, with an average download speed of 60 KB a second.


Here's hoping that File Dropper will drop some more dimes on increasing that speed. If not, it might be another quick web 2.0 style flameout.

Thanks for the tip, Jim!

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