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TwitLinks: River of tech news from Twitter, no signup necessary

Over the past year, Twitter has become an increasingly important source of news and communication for technology bloggers. If you sign up for a Twitter account and follow a few of your favorite tech writers, odds are you'll get links to interesting stories they've written and articles they're reading as well as a lot of back and forth discourse between writers, writers and readers, and a whole slew of other people. It's that last part that can make Twitter seem overwhelming.

If you were thinking of signing up for Twitter just for the tech news, but don't have the time to sit in front of your computer all day sifting through all the other stuff, TwitLinks can help. TwitLinks basically monitors the tweets from a group of influential tech bloggers and then lays them out in an easy to read format. Each article get a link, a first paragraph, and a link to the Twitter user who shared the link. Some, but not all, articles also have a thumbnail image.

The result is a page that works sort of like Techmeme, in that it gives you a sense of what stories tech bloggers are talking about. But there several things that set TwitLinks apart from Techmeme. First of all, TwitLinks monitors the Techmeme Twitter account, so you'll actually find Techmeme stories at TwitLinks. Second, there's no threading, which means you can't see the pile-on effect that happens when one blog or news source discovers a story and then dozens of others grab ahold.

Probably the best thing about TwitLinks is that you can subscribe to the site's RSS feed and just read the latest high tech tweets from the comfort of your RSS reader. No Twitter account needed.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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