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SMSOfficer: Send SMS with Microsoft Outlook 2007

SMSOfficerWhile the ability to send SMS is built directly into Microsoft Office 2007, users are always on the lookout for an affordable way to use the service.

SMSOfficer is one of the SMS services that has answered the call. SMSOfficer allows you to easily send SMS to any mobile phone using Microsoft Outlook 2007. No installation is required, which is an instant plus in these dark times of worm-infested installers.

First, you need to register for your free SMSOfficer account. They'll send you a text message (natch) with a password, and a link to introduce the service to Microsoft Outlook. That's all for the setup.

Sending messages is a no-brainer. In Outlook, go to File-New-Text Message, type in your contact, type in your message, and hit send. Easy like Sunday morning.

10 free messages are yours when you sign up. After that, you have to pay to play. And while we like the service, we don't necessarily like the cost (if you've been reading Download Squad for a while, you'll know that we like free best of all).

So we'll ask you, constant reader: are there any similar services that offer this type of Outlook integration that are less expensive, or free?

[via Digital Inspiration]

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