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Restore deleted files with Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery
We all make mistakes. Sometimes we put too much sugar in our coffee. And sometimes we accidentally delete the manuscript for the book your spouse has been working on for the last two years only to realize that it was the only copy. Well, there's nothing we can do about the coffee, but Pandora Recovery might help you get that manuscript back. And when we say "might," we mean it. There are no guarantees here.

Pandora Recovery isn't the only free file recovery utility around. But it does have an extraordinarily easy to use interface. When you launch Pandora Recovery, you'll be greeted with a helpful wizard that asks if you want to browse your hard drives, search for files or file types, or perform a deep scan of your drive for files.

There's also a portable version of the application which can be run from a removable flash drive. But Pandora Mobile Recovery isn't free. It's part of the Pandora PowerPack, which costs $20.

[via The Portable Freeware Collection]

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