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First came Flickr Video, now comes the backlash

No video on FlickrIf there's one thing we know about Flickr users, it's that they'r not shy about sharing their opinions. Shortly after Microsoft made an offer to buy Flickr's parent company Yahoo!, images mocking the deal started showing up all over the site. And now that Flickr has added the ability for uses to upload short videos, a large group of Flickr image-only purists has formed a "NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!!" group.

Over 6,000 members have already joined the group, and more than 1600 have signed a petition asking for the new feature to be removed.

Basically, their argument is that there are plenty of places for people to upload and share videos. What's made Flickr special is its focus on images. Of course, anyone can filter out videos from their search results just by clicking on the advanced search options. It would be nice if the feature were more prominently placed, but why ask Flickr to modify its search bar when you could just try to incite a riot?

[via Thomas Hawk]

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