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Adobe launches Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player
Adobe has officially launched its Adobe Media Player application which has been in public beta since last year. Adobe Media Player is a desktop application built on Adobe AIR that lets users watch streaming and downloaded web videos from content partners including CBS, PBS, MTV, Revision3, and

The interface is slick, and it's clear that Adobe has put a lot of work into the media player since its beta days. Playback is no longer choppy and the content library is choc full of shows you might actually want to watch. Not as full as say, your cable box, but given the web video landscape, it's not bad.

Users can also add any online video to their player with an RSS feed. It took us a few minutes to find the "Add RSS" option, so we'll save you some trouble: It's in the "My Favorites" section.

Adobe has also launched Adobe TV, which is basically a web site filled with tutorials and other information about Adobe related products. You can either watch Adobe TV videos from the web or using Adobe Media Player.

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