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Yahoo! replies to Microsoft's demands: Show us the friggin' money!

Yahoo! wants money
Oh, Microsoft, Yahoo!, when are you going to stop fighting and realize that you're in love with each other? Yahoo!'s board of directors has responded to a letter from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer demanding action within 3 weeks. In a nutshell, Ballmer told Yahoo! that if the company didn't accept Microsoft's buyout offer, Microsoft would lower its bid and try to replace the Yahoo! Board. So what does Yahoo!'s current board have to say?

In a pistachio shell:
  • We already told you no.
  • Well, we might say yes, but we'd need more money
  • I mean seriously, $31 per share? What's up with that. And have we mentioned that your stock is dropping, so your offer is worth less today then when you made the offer?
  • We keep launching new products like a new advertising platform that add value to our brand. And you're trying to buy us for $31 per share? Hmph.
  • You think you're the only one interested in taking us to the prom? We've got lots of suitors. Really.
  • Don't bully us.
All of which is to say that Yahoo! has not closed the door on a possible merger with Microsoft. But Microsoft's either going to have to follow through on Ballmer's threat to wage a proxy battle or raise its asking price.

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