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Toggle Flash: Add-on to disable Flash in IE 7

Flash, like most things in life, has its good and its bad. The good: it's hard to imagine interactive content on the web without Flash. The bad: it's hard to imagine anything more annoying than poorly designed, seizure-inducing banners and advertisements created with Flash.

What we want is choice, isn't it? We want to be able to choose when to allow Flash, and when to keep it at bay.

Luckily there is an Internet Explorer add-on created just for this purpose: Toggle Flash. This simple add-on creates a new toolbar button on your IE window. A single click on the button turns off all subsequent Flash animation; and if you want to re-enable Flash at any time, just click on the button again.

So simple even your kid brother could do it.

For a walkthrough on getting the add-on installed, and for help if the toolbar button doesn't show up immediately, check out the developer's website.

Toggle Flash is a free download, and requires IE 7 and Windows.

[via Lifehacker]

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