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Twobile: A Twitter client for Windows Mobile

Twobile BetaTwitter has a mobile interface which you can access from any web-enabled cellphone or PDA by visiting But the mobile interface is a bit sparse and doesn't let you, for example, look just at replies, direct message, or the public timeline.

Twobile is a Twitter client for Windows Mobile devices that adds many of the features you'd get from a desktop Twitter client like Twhirl or Twitterific. The application is available as a public beta, and is freeware, although the developer asks anyone who plans to use Twobile for business use to pay a license fee.

The client allows you to update your status, view the public timeline, your friends timeline, send and receive replies and direct messages, view featured users and favorites. And you can view avatars when you click on an individual message.

[via MobileTopSoft]

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