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Sharpcast cuts its price in half before its half price promotion ends

Sharpcast's SugarSync provides one of the most complete solutions we've seen for keeping your files synchronized across computers, mobile devices, and the web. The service was free while in beta, but we were a bit turned off by the pricing, once it was announced, with prices ranging from $50 a year for 10GB of storage space to $500 for 250GB. At a time when many companies are offering 5GB or more of online storage space for free, that seemed like a bit much, even when you take the synchronization service into account.

Fortunately, Sharpcast allowed beta testers to sign up for 50% off. And now the company has extended that offer to all customers. So now you can sign up for as little as $25 per year or pay as much as $250 per year, depending on your needs. That seems a bit more reasonable.

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