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Opera Mini 4.1 beta released

Microsoft isn't the only company releasing a point upgrade to its mobile software this week. Opera has released Opera Mini 4.1 beta, which is a minor update to its Opera Mini web browser for cellphones with Java virtual machines. For a minor update, Opera did manage to pack a few useful features into Opera Mini 4.1:
  • Opera claims the new version is 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.0
  • There's a new URL autocomplete feature based on your browsing history
  • You can now search for text in a web page
  • Web pages can be saved for offline viewing
  • You can upload and download files from within the browser
  • Google search has been integrated with the URL bar, allowing you to conduct a web search from any page.
Opera Mini 4.1 is available as a free download. If you've got an older version of Opera Mini on your device, note that Opera Mini 4.1 will install alongside it, not over it. So you will have to uninstall the older version manually.

[via jkOnTheRun]

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