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Blinkx launches internet TV software

Blinkx BBTV
Because the world didn't already have enough internet TV applications bringing you B-list movies and video podcasts, online video site Blinkx has entered the fray. Blinkx Broadband TV has all the usual bells and whistles including the ability to stream high quality video from the internet, watch in fullscreen, and browse through a list of "channels" with independent films, comedy clips, movie trailers, and the like. In other words, good luck finding any content you've actually heard of.

The one thing that sets Blinkx BBTV apart from the competition is that it incorporates Blinkx's speech recognition technology. While this feature isn't available in every video, when you click on the little dialog button in the toolbar in certain videos, you'll get a list of lines spoken in the film. Click on a line of dialog and you'll automatically jump to that point.

The application also features IMDB integration. What that means is you can pull up the information window on selected videos, and click on actors, directors, genres, and other information to bring up their IMDB pages in an in-application browser window.

Is Blinkx BBTV a Joost killer? Honestly, if anyone is a Joost killer these days, it's Joost. The company started out with a lot of buzz, but hasn't managed to sign the content partnerships necessary to keep viewers coming back. While Blinkx BBTV and many similar services present a nice tool for watching internet video, it's still not clear if there's a huge market for internet video that isn't watched in a browser or downloaded to a portable device.

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