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Reduce your computer's electric use with LocalCooling

LocalCooling is a free Windows utility that can help you configure power saving settings on Vista and XP machines. Honestly, it doesn't add any configuration options that you wouldn't find in the Control Panel, but LocalCooling does have one nifty feature that Microsoft doesn't include. It provides an educated guess of just how many watts your PC uses.

Basically, LocalCooling scans your hardware and figures out how many watts your monitor, hard drives, CPU, graphics card, and other peripherals are probably using. Once the program has this estimate, it can also track how much energy you're saving by adjusting your power saving settings to do things like shut off yourmonitor, hard drives, or PC when you're not using them.

You can also create an account to track your energy savings against other users, or create teams to compete against other groups of LocalCooling users if you want to get all competitive about it.

[via gHacks]

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