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Lip gloss alert: Yahoo! launches new Web site

ShineYahoo! launched a new site this morning called Shine aimed at women aged 25-54. All the news accounts we've read trumpet how Shine plans to package news and information of interest to females. When we visited the site, all we really wanted to do was scream.

Oh, boy! According to Shine, all women care about fashion, beauty, love, and astrology! Geez, Yahoo!, stereotype much? So, what would the male version of this site look like? Would topics include cars, sports, tech, and beer? We know plenty of guys interested in treating acne and being better parents, and plenty of women who could code Yahoo!'s developers into a corner.

We guess what Yahoo! thinks passes for cogent topics of interest to women should come as no surprise since the site's editor-in-chief used to run Jane and Elle Girl, two print magazines that aren't exactly known for encouraging women to put down their lip gloss and pick up a book.

While we appreciate that Yahoo! is willing to dedicate a site to women, perhaps they could be a little less condescending. Women do change their own oil, build their own computers, travel, happily raise kids on their own, invest, and -- gasp! -- pursue lifestyles outside of what Yahoo! apparently considers "the norm."

Until Shine realizes that there's more to women than nail polish and a need to know the best way to hook a guy, this is one Web site we'll skip.

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