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DLS logoBeen busy spending the past week telling the press about your extramarital affairs, history of drug use, and misuse of campaign funds? Here are a few stories you might have been too busy to read.

Adobe Photoshop Express Beta launches

After months of hype, the big day finally arrived. Adobe launched a free, online version of Photoshop, the industry standard in image editing. You won't find all the bells and whistles that come with the desktop version of Photoshop. After all, Adobe does still want to sell you software. But Photoshop Express will definitely give existing online image editors like Picnik and FotoFlexer a run for their money.

8 steps to a more professional Blogspot blog

Look, we know that most folks think it's blasphemy to use the words "professional" and "blogspot" in the same sentence. But hear us out. Google's blogging service offers free web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and a surprisingly tweakable template. We've gathered 8 or so of our favorite tips for making your Blogspot site look as good as good as any WordPress blog.

OpenSocial Bonanza

This week Yahoo! announced it was joining Google's OpenSocial initiative. And oh yeah, the companies, along with MySpace were going to launch a foundation with a clever title: The OpenSocial Foundation. Still not clear on exactly what OpenSocial is? We caught up with Google's Kevin Marks at SXSW this year, and he breaks it down for us in a video interview.

29% of Windows Vista crashes due to NVIDIA drivers

Shortly after Windows Vista was released in early 2007, we got to know its crash reporting system pretty well. And anecdotal evidence pointed to one major culprit: NVIDIA video card drivers. Now we have some empirical proof. As part of a class action lawsuit over the "Vista capable" label, Microsoft has released a list showing the top causes of Vista crashes during an unspecified period in 2007. Number one? NVIDIA. Number 2? Microsoft.

And here are a few more of our favorite stories from the past week:

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