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Microsoft launches improved desktop search for Windows XP and Vista

Windows Search 4.0 Preview
For well over a decade, Microsoft has included a nearly useless search feature in Windows. Sure, you could type in a query and maybe even get an accurate response. But you might have to wait five minutes to get your results. Things changed with Windows Vista, which includes a nearly instantaneous desktop search function. Just type a query into the Start Menu search bar, and you should be able to find what you're looking for in a matter of seconds.

The desktop search feature in Vista is based on an application called Windows Search, and Microsoft has just released a preview of the next version of the utility. And best of all, Windows Search 4.0 Preview runs on either Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Aside from support for Windows XP, Windows Search 4.0 has a few other significant updates:
  • A number of bug fixes
  • Get your results 33% faster
  • Remote Index Discovery now works with every version of Windows, meaning you can index files on any Windows machine on your network
  • If an error occurs, Windows Search will rollback to your last known working state rather than starting the entire indexing process over again from scratch
  • Encrypted files can now be indexed
[via Windows Vista Team Blog]

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