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AOL Tech 2.4 released 2.4 2.4 final is now available for download. Just not from the official web page, which is still offering a choice between version 2.3. 1 and release candidate 6 for 2.4. But you can find a download link for the latest version from Filehippo.

There are no release notes available for version 2.4 yet, but you can check out a list of features that are probably included by looking at the feature freeze testing page on the wiki. Honestly, most of the improvements seem pretty minor, unless you get really excited about things like:
  • Display both in the data point label: value and percentage
  • Reduce complexity: Remove unnecessary display options
  • Remove GUI option "Automatic file name extension" from File-Save dialog (Office Dlg)
If you want to see where is headed, check out our preview of 3.0.
[via CyberNet]

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