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Microsoft release yet another Windows XP SP3 RC build

SP3 RC2 refresh
A few weeks ago we could have sworn that Microsoft was getting ready to release the final build of Windows XP SP3 by the end of March. But today Microsoft released Windows XP SP3 RC2 refresh, which basically means it's a slightly modified version of the release candidate made available in February.

There aren't really many new features or surprises in the latest build. The refresh basically has a different build number, includes all previous updates, and includes support for HD audio and fixes some Windows Update issues. But today's release does indicate that Microsoft is still tinkering, which leads us to believe it'll probably be at least a few more days, weeks, or months until the final version of Windows XP SP3 is released.

In order to download the 120MB service pack from Windows Update, you need to add a registry key by downloading and installing an executable application from Microsoft.

[via CNet]

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