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Microsoft could bring Office suite, other apps to the iPhone

iPhone SDK
While we're guessing Microsoft would love to make Windows Mobil customers out of each and every iPhone user, that doesn't mean the company doesn't see a business opportunity in Apple's cellphone. After all, Microsoft has been selling Office software to Mac users for years, so now that Apple has provided an SDK for the iPhone, why not port Office Mobile and other Microsoft applications to the iPhone?

Fortune Magazine reports that a team of Microsoft developers has been poring over the iPhone SDK. While the company still has to determine whether it would make business sense to develop for the iPhone, doing so shouldn't be hard. After all, Apple is licensing Microsoft's ActiveSync and Exchange Server technology to provide push email capabilities.

What Microsoft applications would you like to see for the iPhone? We're going to assume Office Mobile is a given, but what about Windows Live Messenger? What we're really hoping for is Virtual PC 2007, but we're not going to hold our breath.

[via Brighthand]

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