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Googleholic for March 25, 2008

Googleholic for March 25, 2008
Welcome to Googleholic - your bi-weekly fix of everything Google!

This edition covers:
  • Google wants unused TV channels for super Wi-Fi
  • Patriot Act does not love Google
  • Google cares: Online safety for kids

Google wants unused TV channels for super Wi-Fi

With the hopes of getting America ubiquitous wireless access, Google, along with Microsoft and Dell, continues its attempt to cajole the FCC into opening up some of those TV "white spaces" - unused TV channels with a higher capacity for bandwidth than currently available options. quotes Google's telecommuncations counsel Richard Whitt on referring to it as "Wi-Fi on steroids," which, in case you feel that information overload is a myth, might be exactly what you want. Even if everything goes smoothly, the earliest that all of this might actually happen is towards the end of 2009.

Patriot Act does not love Google

And apparently, Google doesn't love the Patriot Act either, nor does Canada. When upgrading from an outdated system to a free option from Google, Lakehead University in Ontario was told "not to transmit any private data over the system." With Canadian laws being at odds with those of the U.S. in terms of the protection of consumer data and privacy, outsourcing communications or data storage to a U.S.-based company obviously comes with more than just a bunch of neat collaboration web apps.

Google cares: Online safety for kids

The Official Google Blog has put together a little post on all the little things Google has done to make the Internet safer, especially for kids. In case that does something for you, Google has posted this Family Safety Guide (PDF) and teamed up with Common Sense media to produce a video, that, unless your into safe browsing for kids, is going to be a difficult watch. But maybe that's right up your alley, in which case, you can kick up your feet and enjoy these tips on how to raise your kids with the Internet.

And, another bit of Google goodness here at Download Squad:
  • 8 steps to a more professional Blogspot blog - If you happen to have a blog on Google's blogging service and really want it to shine, check out this Download Squad exclusive on how to style up and pro out your Blogspot blog.

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