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Create strong passwords with Password Meter

Password Meter
Password Meter is an online tool that will let you find out whether your birthday, anniversary, or dog's name are really as secure as you think they are. But better yet, unlike password analyzers that we've covered in the past, Password Meter will provide you with real-time feedback beyond a security score. It will also show you how the points are calculated.

For example, the more characters you include, the higher your score. The same goes for the type of characters. If you use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, you're probably in good shape. You'll be docked points if you use just number or just letters, and if you repeat characters you're docked more points.

If you've got too much free time on your hands, you can use another tool we previously covered, Strong Password Generator to create secure passwords and then enter them into the Password Meter to see how they fare. But good luck actually remembering the random passwords created by Strong Password Generator.

[via MakeUseOf]

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