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Craigslist Image Preview: Firefox extension to add images to Craigslist searches

Odds are, if you're an avid user of craigslist, you've often asked this question: why can't I have the ability to see the images of each listing without having to click on each listing individually?

Download Squad reader "Mac" feels your pain, and has directed us to a new Firefox extension, Craigslist Image Preview. This neat and simple extension loads a thumbnail of the product images on the craigslist search page itself, eliminating the need to click on each individual listing to view an image.

Ah, Firefox, will thy extensibility never cease to amaze us?

The weird thing is, the only section of craigslist that has this functionality by default is the "bikes" section.

What's up with that?

Anyway, Craigslist Image Preview is a cinch to download (it installs like any other Firefox extension); once downloaded and installed, the next time you search craigslist, you'll see the first image of each listing load underneath its listing title. Obviously, the load time of the search page is much longer, but we think it's worth it.

For similar if not identical functionality, check out CLPicView version 1.0, also just released. Both extensions are free, and both seem to have an equal dislike of Firefox 3 beta 4.

Thanks, Mac!

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