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eM Client takes on Outlook, Thunderbird

eM Client
Looking for another alternative to Microsoft Outlook? While Mozilla Thunderbird offers many of the same features as Microsoft's email client, you need to install plugins to add calendar and task management features. eM Client, on the other hand, comes equipped with a full featured email client and contact, task, and calendar managers.

eM Client is a Windows only application that has been in development since 2006. Version 1.1 beta of eM Client already offers a pretty robust Outlook clone, with support for IMAP and POP email and CalDAV calendars. While it's not exactly an Outlook killer yet, eM Client's developers are working on a few killer features:
  • Google Calendar and Contacts Sync
  • ActiveSync support
  • Universal translation tool
  • Facebook integration
  • IM integration
  • Anti-virus integration
eM Client also has a highly customizable interface, which is always nice.

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