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Track price drops with Price!pinx

Have your eye on the Macbook Air, but don't want to pull the trigger and buy one until Steve Jobs drops the price by a few hundred bucks? You could keep hitting refresh on the Apple Store page from now until eternity. Or you could have Price!pinx send you an email when the price changes.

Here's how it works. You drag a Price!pinx bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. Then whenever you visit a product page on any web-based store, you just highlight the price of the item you're interested in and hit the bookmarklet. The Price!pinx page will pop up and if you enter your email address the service will send you a message as soon as the price changes.

You can also register for a free account to manage all of your notifications in one place. But there's no registration required to set up a basic alert.

[via Techie Buzz]

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