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Find password protected files with Passware Encryption Analyzer

Have you ever lost track of your password protected files? Maybe during one of your compulsive file-moving and file-deleting extravaganzas?

Passware Encryption Analyzer is a free program that will track down all your encrypted and password protected files, no matter where they are hiding on your machine. Whether the files are in the glorious sunlight of your desktop, or in the deep dark cave of your system32 folder, Passware Encryption Analyzer will uncover them all.

The program supports over 100 different file formats, including files from Office, Acrobat, QuickBooks, Peachtree, WordPerfect, and more. The interface reveals the document type, password recovery options, and the protection flags for each file.

Unfortunately, the free version of Passware Encryption Analyzer will only find your password-protected and encrypted files, and has no tools for recovering the password. You'll have to shell out almost $200 bucks if you want that functionality. For users that have simply misplaced their protected files and wish to locate them, Passware Encryption Analyzer will get the job done.

Passware Encryption Analyzer is free, and Windows only.

[via gHacks]

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