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Joost experiments with live streaming video

While Joost competitor Babelgum is busy looking for independent films to showcase, Joost is still looking for ways to get people excited about watching mainstream television programs over the internet without the help of a web browser.

While Joost has historically offered a video on demand type service, allowing users to watch old episodes of Star Trek or slightly newer episodes of Robot Chicken at their own leisure, there are some TV programs people prefer to watch live, like Sports. So starting today, Joost plans to partner with CBS to provide a live stream of the NCAA March Madness tournament.

The move is more of an experiment than a business model shift. We don't expect Joost to give up on video on demand anytime soon. But if the service can handle live video streaming, we might see other live events streamed in the future. Of course, most folks will find it's a lot easier just to turn on the TV if they want to catch a basketball game, but if you're stuck at work late one night and there's no TV in sight, it's nice to know that procrastination is still an option.

[via NewTeeVee]

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