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Compfight: Web 2.0 power search for Flickr

Search interfaces that use more than one page are starting to look quaint and old-fashioned. Why open your results in another tab if you don't have to? The talented designers behind Compfight have come up with a lightweight Ajax search tool for a service we use every day: Flickr.

Compfight fits all the most important Flickr search options into its minimal design. You can switch between tags and all text, turn Creative Commons on or off, and decide whether clicking thumbnails will take you to the default photo page or show the original size. It takes some fiddling to do all of this at, but Compfight uses the Flickr API and makes everything easy.

Oh, and about those thumbnails: a blue line at the bottom lets you know that Flickr has an original photo, and you can mouse over it to see the photo's dimensions. It looks so good that you might be tempted to completely give up going to for your searches.

[via JoshSpear]

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