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Twine expands semantic social network private beta

Twine Beta
Radar Networks has expanded its private beta of Twine, a social networking, bookmarking, and discussion site built with semantic web technologies. If that sounds a bit confusing, let's break it down a bit. Twine lets users create "twines," or web pages around a particular item, whether it be a web page, a generic topic, an idea, or a person. You can create a twine for yourself, your blog, or a concept like "web 2.0."

Other Twine members can join public twines or any twine they've been invited to share. Once you're a part of a twine you can add comments, add links or share items with another twine.

So where does the semantic web part come in? While you can add tags to items you submit, Twine uses some intelligent features to locate people, places, types of items, and other tags that pop up in your twines. Over time, it develops a sense of the items you're interested in and will start recommending new twines that you might want to join.

For more info on Twine, check out our interview with Radar Networks' Nova Spivack. Twine is still in an invite-only private beta, with a public beta launch scheduled for later this year.

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