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Photobucket gets image editing features thanks to FotoFlexer

Photobucket + Fotoflexer
Photobucket, a popular image-hosting site, will get basic image-editing features (resizing, cropping, coloring, rotating, etc.) thanks to FotoFlexer, an in-browser, web-based picture editor.

For those who use both services, this is probably unsurprising as FotoFlexer already lets users save their edited pictures to their Photobucket accounts -- as well as any Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Flickr, and Google Picasa accounts that they know the usernames and passwords to.

Well, at least this saves Photobucket users the hassle of logging into a separate site to do a little basic editing, which comes to a total of 48 seconds saved per photo edited according to our highly (un)scientific calculations.

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