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FaaRClock 1.0: Use an analog clock as your screensaver

FaaRClock 1.0 is a program for Windows that displays a simple and very readable analog clock as your computer's screensaver. We're almost positive that this is the screensaver Flavor Flav has installed on his computer.

The download and install is simple. Upon existing the installation, you'll be prompted to make FaaRClock your default screensaver.

Additional settings are available in the screensaver tab found in your Windows Display Properties. Those settings allow you to:
  • Choose a background color
  • Set an input method to wake up the computer (mouse click, mouse movement, customized hot key, etc...)
FaaRClock is a nice idea for our increasingly virtual homes, where the only clocks in the house are on our computers and cell phones. With FaaRClock up and running, you can see the time without having to lug yourself across the room.

The only requirement is Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Flash Player 8 or higher. FaaRClock 1.0 is free.

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