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MagMyPic - your photo on fake magazine covers


Forget about paying street vendor prices for the magazine covers with your face on them like you see in Times Square or other tourist haunts. You can create them yourself at MagMyPic, which has realistic fake magazine covers ready for you to grace them with your uploaded image.

After you upload your photo you can choose from several magazine covers such as People, Vogue, National Geographic, well you get the picture. After you select the cover size (small or medium), you're done and you can post it to a slew of your favorite sites like Facebook, Blogger, etc. or just grab the code and embed on your website. No sign-in required.

MagMyPic is an affiliate marketing campaign to help sell actual magazines, as in those print kind. A link to purchase magazine subscriptions is available, but we bet you'll just bypass that.

[via Bloggers Blog Twitter feed]

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