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MSConfig Cleanup cleans the cobwebs out of Windows startup

MSConfig Cleanup
If you've ever used the Windows utility MSConfig to remove your Windows startup menus, you've probably noticed that the applications aren't really gone. They're just disabled. You could go and delete them using a registry editor or a more powerful tool like AutoRuns. Or you could permanently delete entries using MSConfig Cleanup.

Here's how it works. You bring up MSConfig by clicking on "Run" in your Windows Start Menu. Navigate to the "Startup" tab and unselect any applications you don't want to run when Windows loads.

Then fire up MSConfig Cleanup and you should see a list of disabled programs. Check the boxes next to the ones you want to permanently remove, and click "Clean Up Selected." Honestly, we're not 100% certain why you'd want to use MSConfig and MSConfig Cleanup instead of AutoRuns, but if you've already disabled a bunch of programs using MSConfig, this free utility could provide a fast way to make your changes permanent.

[via gHacks]

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